The gentleman consulting company

Welcome to the Gentleman Consulting website. Our consulting is part of an approach of business development specialists, a real link between economy and ecology. We have strong knowledge and experience in sustainable marketing, sales development and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) from conception to the realization of your projects, through development strategies and visibility. Our goal is to support you in your business and entrepreneurship projects with our values, our philosophy and the consideration given to each project, which characterizes our passion for quality work and strong results.

 » An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ».

Here, no « greenwashing », change can not take place without a real commitment and committed sustainable marketing strategy. The possibility of setting up a mission to share time and mission of providing monthly or annual weekly support.How does our solution work

1. Free appointment & no obligation
2. Sending of a report with tariff proposal of a mission of advises or service provision.
3. Formatting a project with our ideas, advice and recommendations
4. Proposal of support solutions adapted to the project
5. Project management and implementation, stakeholders and co-contractors

The possibility of setting up a mission to share time and mission of providing monthly or annual weekly support.

CSR is rich and its outlets also, we have chosen to focus on three areas that are well-being at work, the environmental impact with energy and its consumption, its action and its externalities and the societal commitment for that the company is more than an economic factor of production. For this, we work as a real conductor in collaboration with architectural agencies, interior landscapers, renewable energy design offices and much more. Contact us to find out more and tell us about your project.

Are you a Startup? A company with an innovative and ambitious project? Do you not know where to start? We will bring you our assistance and our advice with adapted accompanying packages. The price is known in advance and ideas will be there.

An agency specializing in consulting in business development, sustainable marketing and the implementation of CSR & sustainable development solutions, concepts aimed at rethinking the company in its environment, an actor of his time and aware of its impact, strong of control of its externalities. Founded in late 2015 and led by Mathieu REY, a graduate of Kedge Business School in France and student of Newcastle University in England and a specialist in sustainable marketing and corporate strategy. With several years of marketing practice, entrepreneurial experience with ambitious projects in different companies in Asia and Europe in rich sectors such as energy, project design or water treatment. Gentleman Consulting wishes to use its experience in the service of responsible companies concerned about their impact.

Made up of a team of specialists in design, change management and business management, the consultancy that forms « Gentleman Consulting » aims to support small, medium and large companies, facing the change of our time with support and quality advice. Only committed and engaging people, no pretence, if you read this, it’s because you’ve been hooked by our references because let’s not deceived ourselves, the economic world and the cornerstone of the transformation necessary for our sustainability. Here and at our scale, we work the company to act in our world.

«We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, change will take us by the throat.» W. Churchill

 Gentleman company proposes to accompany you through:
• Consider new development and growth paths for your companies, gain visibility in reputation and in the market
• Strategic and sustainable marketing, operational support, green marketing. Operate the most effective levers to develop your business.
• Sales and marketing, Promote the meeting with your customers and your company, we will work to stimulate your sales of products and services through a strategy and multi-channel action.
• Set out to conquer markets, transform opportunities into business. Be a strategist, negotiator and entrepreneur. The stakes are growing, visibility is the future!
• For your Corporate Social Responsibility, we support you in the responsible and engaging positioning of your company both socially and environmentally in concrete and achievable projects.

They have given us their confidence in the framework of action in sustainable marketing, business development in design or management of the C.S.R approach, directly or through our privileged partners.